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Serato Studio v1.4.0 (Win) – Cracked VST Music Production Software

Serato Studio v1.4.0 (Win) – Cracked VST Music Production Software

Serato Studio is intuitive beat making software for DJs and producers. Spend less time hitting roadblocks and more time in the creative flow.

DJ-friendly production

Make beats with your DJ hardware and get colored waveforms, DJ-style mixing channel and your entire Serato DJ library.

Fast, simple workflow

Get right to it with time-saving features like instant key detection, key-shifting, and BPM-sync. And instantly play any instrument in key using Play-in-Key mode.

Advanced features

Use third-party plugins, export your stems, and pair Serato Studio with any supported MIDI device to customize your sound exactly how you want.

Release Notes v1.4.0

New Features:

•Added new Audio Tracks
•Added new ‘Set Endless Slicer’ Autoset Mode
•Added a new Welcome Screen

Other Changes:

•Improved Mute/Solo and playback interactions
•Updated Take First Use Tour cards
•Fixed an issue with slicer Autoset mode not starting correctly on beat
•Fixed an issue where adding to a new crate fails to display for certain sort columns
•Fixed an issue where deleting crates quickly can cause an error to be shown
•Fixed an issue where Library delete keyboard shortcuts not behaving correctly
•Fixed an issue where Cue End is set incorrectly for long files loaded to Drums Deck Pad
•Fixed the Sample Deck ‘Play’ button possibly getting stuck after duplicating a deck
•Fixed an issue where an MP3 Export cuts 1056 samples off the very end of the file
•Fixed an issue with MIDI devices getting disconnected after exporting is completed
•Fixed an issue double-clicking the title bar does not resize app window
•Fixed an issue where empty smart crates are not properly synced from Serato DJ
•Fixed an issue where Sample Deck doesn’t use the latest Metadata after clearing Beatgrid
•Fixed an issue where deck deletion confirmation dialogue box won’t display
•Fixed beat markers are not displayed at default Zoom level on track load
•Fixed a possible crash on analysis when loading a file with very low BPM
•Fixed an issue where playing from Song View breaks focus in other areas when using Spacebar to playback
•Fixed loading a short file with 0BPM to deck after a file with valid BPM maintains cues from the previous file
•Fixed an issue where Loading a sample with low BPM causes slow analysis performance on Windows

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