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Sylenth1 Crack (Win) – Cracked VST Plugins Free Download

Sylenth1 Crack (Win) – Cracked VST Plugins Free Download
  • Sylenth1 + 1358 Soundbanks
  • Lennar Digital
  • 2.2.1
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 8 and 10
  • Instructions attached

Sylenth1 needs no introduction. One of the most popular VST synths in the market.
With Ableton Live and other DAWs requiring Jbridge in order to run 32bit vsts i’ve went on and used the latest 64bit version to remake and fix some of old skins. Tested and supplied with original setup, keygen and a huge bank library i’ve been collecting for some time.

After couldn’t work out one of the old skins i was using, i set up and used Restorator 2007 and Photoshop to rebuild it. Instead of sharing straight away i thought more people would like to see some of the 32bit skins. So i went rebuild and fixed all i had. Here’s the lists:


Sylenth1 Black Pearl.dll (The x64 version floating around would work, remade)
Sylenth1 Black Red.dll
Sylenth1 Black.dll
Sylenth1 Blue.dll
Sylenth1 Dark Blue.dll
Sylenth1 De Sat.dll
Sylenth1 Goblin.dll
Sylenth1 Massive Designs.dll (MAC skin converted and fixed to WIN latest version)
Sylenth1 Midnight.dll
Sylenth1 Mopho Blue.dll
Sylenth1 Mopho Yellow.dll
Sylenth1 Pearl.dll
Sylenth1 Red Better.dll
Sylenth1 Red Blue Better.dll
Sylenth1 Red.dll
Sylenth1 Trance Original.dll
Sylenth1 Trance.dll (Improved version – untouched)
Sylenth1 Virus TI.dll
Sylenth1 VTX.dll (similar to the original)
Sylenth1 Xenomma.dll
Sylenth1 Yellow .dll
Sylenth1.dll (original untouched)

Download “Sylenth1 (Win)”
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